Hanging Baskets

Buy Local

There are good reasons for purchasing these fund-raising ideas from us:
1. Customers pick up their plants from our place of business, giving them more choice, and relieving you of the burden of caring for those which aren't picked up immediately. Alternatively we can deliver them all to your school at once if that is more convenient for you.
2. By buying locally you are supporting Kamloops' local living economy, making it a better place for all of us.
3. Customers can pick up their plants in May 2024 when local climate conditions allow for it and when their gardens have been prepared.
4. We have been farming at Monte Lake and providing quality hanging baskets for school fund-raisers for 38 years and know the local conditions inside out.
5. Finally, we are close by and are ready to deal with any issues the customers may have, leaving you with minimal responsibility aside from collecting the money.
We can entertain other Ideas !

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