Monte Lake Herb Farm
4120 Okanagan Hwy 97 (between Monte Lake & Westwold)
Westwold BC 250-375-2241


Pig greenhouse

Cucumber House during the Summer

Gateway to Country Garden

Bicycle Camping

Heading out to see what the greenhouse have

Heading out to see what the greenhouse have

 School Tour

School Tour & Tomato Planting

Just in case you’re new to this “buy local” idea, Country Garden Greenhouse has been growing vegetables and bedding plants at the farm in Monte Lake for over 40 years now. Dalton and Anita Strong began by selling these products at the Kamloops Farmers’ Market, which had itself been in existence for only three years at that time.
Over the next many years, things changed slowly but steadily at Country Garden Greenhouse- greenhouses being added as needed and afforded, and landscaping being added as inspiration struck.
Then the fire of 2021 swept through the valley and although the majority of the farm was spared, the end of the garden where the Garden Tenting/Bicycle Camping suffered the brunt of the flames. We are still rebuilding what was lost there.
Meanwhile, production of bedding plants, herbs, perennials, and flowering annuals, of course had to continue. And until August, 2023, when we moved the Garden Centre and all its stock back to the farm, there was also the Smorgasbord Deli and the Garden Centre on Victoria St. to look after.

Dalton and Anita have always held the philosophy that it is important to help others as you are able and to that end they have initiated various fundraisers which have helped local schools realize their financial objectives, the most important being the sale of hanging baskets.

They have also always believed in the importance of taking care of the environment and started the recycle your hanging basket program in 1989, well before such ideas were in vogue. A big part of taking care of the environment is buying local and at CGG anything which isn’t grown at Monte Lake is sourced as close to home as possible so customers can always be assured that plants are suited to local growing conditions and have the advantage of being appropriate to Kamloops climate. Also, customers can be assured that if they return the containers which they bought their plants in, that they will be reused rather than added to the landfill.

We’d like to invite everyone to come up and see what we have in stock, as well as to partake in some of the “Special Days” which we sponsor such as workshops, a special Mothers’ Day Tea, among others.

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